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While I'm waiting to hear from the publisher, I have been working on a revision of an old picturebook manuscript. I have changed it  quite a bit. Changed the format to a chapter book. Changed the voice. Changed the beginning. Left the ending the same, though. I just love the ending.

My Projects

I have finished book #1; and I'm getting set to send it out this week. Sending it along with another manuscript I've been wanting to sub.

Half-way done with outline for book #2. Yay! I never really thought you had to really outline PBs. I was wrong.

Book #3 -- ONE PLUS ONE IS TWO a concept book

Book #4 -- UNTITLED but is a contemporary fantasy about a dragon and his boy.

Book #5 -- JOASH, BOY KING OF JUDAH a fictional account of the first boy king in history

Hope you all have a wonderful day :)


Marigold is a small, pink piglet with a BIG imagination. And she loves to talk like the other critters on the farm. All by herself. She likes to cluck like the chickens, squeek like the mouse, caw like the crow, and quack like the duck. All by herself. But then one day a fuzzy, yellow duckling shows up. And she follows Marigold. Everywhere! Inside the barnyard. Outside the barnyard. All around the farm! What will Marigold do? Will she make the newcomer stop tagging along -- or will she let her join in the fun?

After a lot of headaches and irritations, I was finally able to sort out my story issues. Whew.... And I had a nice surprise thrown in to boot. I discovered I was actually working with two stories, not one. Yay! MARIGOLD THE PIGLET SAYS, "QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!" is story #1; MARIGOLD'S MOST FAVORITE PLACE OF ALL is story #2. The plot for it is:

Marigold the piglet likes to play in all her favorite places on the farm. Every morning. And she loves to play in all her very favorite places on the farm. Every afternoon. So when the afternoon of the Big Rain comes and Marigold has to come in early, she is heartbroken. Until she unexpectedly discovers a pleasant surprise.

My September Goals

. . . I hope will be reached more completely than August's were!

I did get MILLER'S FARM to the place I wanted it; now it's busy making the rounds. Unsuccessfully so far. Boo-hoo:(

I have put a temporary hold on ADORABLE YOU; I'm not sure the book overall is worth a publisher's time and money. I'm really trying to view my writing, and its value, the way publishers have to. I think parents would enjoy sharing this book with young children, but I haven't been able to work it in such a way as to make it really stand-out above the others.

In the meantime. . . I have started two new manuscripts. Brand-new. Not reworked. Yay!!

GOD'S BUSY WEEK follows the creation story, day-by-day, and is adapted for very young readers.

KITTEN'S FIRST HALLOWEEN is a holiday book for young children who like the idea of a scary book, but need plenty of reassurance along the way.


August Goals

Scooby-doo, I reached my July goals and then some. 
I'm trying to whittle down my list of WIP manuscripts.
<---- those ones over there.
So I guess that means tweaking PUNKIN and reworking MCNYC.
If I have time I want to flesh out a Halloweenish-autumnish-something-fallish-type of book. 
Obviously I don't have any type of clear direction on that one yet :)

Good luck everyone on your August goals;)


I saw Cheryl and Arthur on Nightline. They looked great! Neither of them seemed nervous, just like they were on TV all the time. I hope you got to watch them.

Writing News:
I had hoped for a really good first draft of my current wip ADORABLE YOU by the end of the month. That was my goal at least. I'm happy to say, I have exceeded my goal! YAY! I have what might very well be the final draft and with two weeks to spare. Yippee!

It happens

Editors and agents say that seeing their name misspelled in cover/query letters is a big turn-off. I'm here to tell you, I agree. This is the salutation in my latest rejection letter: Dear Louis Toureen.

For those of you who know my name, you know it isn't Louis.

But the writer of the letter seems like a nice person, and I know she's just starting out, so really I wasn't that offended:)

And I'm thinking the rejection wasn't a surprise since I'm not too sad.

July Writing Goals

I just got back from a wonderfully refreshing weekend at Disney. We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort, a fairly new addition to the Disney family, spent yesterday at the Magic Kingdom, and spent today swimming and shopping. Ahhhhh! I feel marvelous!

~ I was finally able to get a grip on the plot and the arcs for my current WIP; so now it's full speed ahead, hopefully culminating in a finished first draft by the end of July. I am sooooo enamoured of this story, I can hardly contain myself!

~ An idea came to me while shopping today. It would make for an interesting approach to a story that's been stewing in my brain. So I'll also be starting work on that, too.

Hope all your writing is going well :)