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Simply Simplistic

Life as it should be....

Lois Toureen
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It seems the currently popular thing to do is to setup one's bio or about me page with a list of interesting facts about said self. Okay. I'll play. Here goes:

Interesting fact #1 -- I am not very interesting.

Interesting fact #2 -- I attend church on a regular basis. Twice on Sundays and once on Wednesday nights.

Interesting fact #3 -- I used to show dogs, and I still enjoy going to dog shows in my area.

Interesting fact #3 -- I have two beautiful daughters. (Hi April! Hi Sabrina!)

Interesting fact #4 -- I have four silly grandkids. (Big hello to Brandon, Jenna, Hayden, and Chloe!)

Interesting fact #5 -- I won $10.00 in a drawing contest when I was 13.

Interesting fact #6 -- I was also awarded an honorable mention once, in a short story contest through Writer's Digest Magazine. I won the services of a literary agent and never heard from him the whole year I had his services. :(

Interesting fact #7 -- I actually like veggies better than meat. Not the green ones though! And I like pies and pastries best of all.

Interesting fact #8 -- My most favorite drink in the whole wide world is the Iced Turtle Latte with whipped cream from Dunkin Donuts. You should try one. It will be your favorite too!

Interesting fact #9 -- Even though my writing doesn't reflect it, I actually have a razor-sharp wit. Believe me, I am very fast with the remarks. Which brings me to....

Interesting fact #10 -- I can be quite opinionated. I don't have a problem letting people express their opinions, as long as they understand mine is the right one! :0)

Thanks for reading this and have a great day!


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