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Soul Searching

After much soul searching, I can finally answer the question in my previous post. I write because I have to. I don't know why I have to, I just do.

Something else I've  learned. I'm selfish. (I did know that already, but....)

You see, I am afraid to speak in public (I mean deathly afraid), so I have always thought that if I did sell books, I would do bookstore signings, but no school visits. Then in church today, as an illustration for his class, the preacher was talking about being 8 years old, elementary school art class, and play doh. It made me think about the author and the illustrator who visited my class when I was that young. They showed slides of their book (a beach book I recall), and how the illustrations were made, and how they came up with the text, and all that writerly stuff. I remember being so enthralled. They made such an impact on me that I decided I wanted to be an author/illustrator too. And that was 45 years ago.

Then it hit me. I discovered just how selfish I really am. If I should ever be so blessed as to have the opportunity to reach just one child... then who am I to run and hide.
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