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The year's end...

always brings me a new sense of hope and a renewed vigor for my writing; which starts to wane, as the pile of rejection slips grows (and grows!)  throughout the year.

I'm looking forward to finishing my revisions of MILLER'S FARM. It's taking an interesting turn; and is also facing the distinct possibility of a name change. Go figure. If these changes do make their way onto the pages, I'll be busy working on my illustration skills, because the book will then be a pre-k and I can see it with big, chunky, colorful illos.

And, if I do THAT, I want to work on some sample illos to sub around. Of course, that will mean putting together a website as well :)

But of course, I still have my research notes that need to be turned into something magical. Hmmm.
What to do... what to do.... I'm sure I'll figure it out by the time I finally get to it.

I have lots of other stories in the wings, too. We'll see how many of them make it onto the new year list.


My family gave me some wonderful gifts: 
~ Eeyore jammies with matching slipper socks
~ Eeyore and Pooh coffee mugs with hot chocolate to break them in (yum!) 
~ Candy... of course :)
~ Toiletries 
~ A new printer (no excuse not to sub now!)

Cheers to you, friends!
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